Ardenwald Neighborhood

8703 SE 29th Ave., 7-8 pm: Rock cover/original band Noise Ordinance

3455 SE Olsen St., 7-8 pm: Folk/rock band The Burds

Hector Campbell

Milwaukie Museum (3737 SE Adams St.), 7-8 pm: Andy Justice plays Latin classical guitar with components of reggae, rock and hip hop

4005 SE Harrison St., 6-7 pm: Irish tunes on fiddle

Historic Milwaukie

10880 SE 28th Ave, 6-7 pm: Cow-punk rock band The Frequence

Island Station Neighborhood

Milwaukie Grange (12015 SE 22nd Ave.), 6-7 pm, bagpiper John Goff plays traditional Scottish music

12107 SE 20th Ave., 6-8 pm: Comedy show hosted by Ross Passeck and featuring Kelly Ryan, Jay Shingle, Simon Gibson and Adam Pasi

Lake Road Neighborhood

11342 SE 27th Ave., 6-8 pm: Classic rock acoustic covers by Jon Jeseritz (Venmo: @Jonathan-Jeseritz)

3326 SE Wister St., 6-8 pm: Group drumming (Come join in: Bring a drum, flute, shakers, singing bowls or just dance along)

Lewelling Neighborhood

9555 SE 56th Ave., 6-7 pm: Pop, NU Wave, Rock & metal guitar

9006 SE Regents Dr., 6-7 pm: One-man comedy variety show (kid-friendly)

4849 SE Mason Ln., 7-8 pm: DJ Senior Discount spins vintage records

4413 SE Mason Hill Dr., 7-8 pm: Post-genre music with open mic poetry between sets (BYO poems)

4467 SE Mason Hill Dr., 6-7 pm: Community DropMix: an interactive, musical mash-up directed by attendees

Linwood Neighborhood

11592 SE 56th Ave. 6-8 pm: Acoustic Americana trio Hushfire

7015 SE Furnberg St., 6-8 pm: Old-time banjo and fiddle

6565 SE Furnberg St., 7-8 pm: DJ Horchata plays tunes that will make you move, from all genres of music, 1950’s to the present, with a special guest guitar player joining on a few songs. 

7018 SE Furnberg St., 7-8 pm: Cul-de-Sac Serenade

7105 SE Plum Dr., 6-7 pm: Older jazz pieces featuring guitar, bass, piano and trumpet

11107 SE Stanley Ave., 6-8 pm: Clemens Collective, trio drawing from jazz, folk, rock and indie music, playing originals and some covers

North of Linwood

10655 SE 74th Ave. 6-8 pm: Clodewerks (Trumpet and Electronics) and Oleada (psychedelic cumbia)

Oak Grove/Clackamas

15930 SE Wallace Rd., 6-8 pm: Guitar and harmonica originals

15096 SE Bevington Ave., 6-8 pm: Fell Down Yesterday, an alternative rock group with jazz influences